Community Information

[announcement] Download the DC Grassroots Planning Open Source Comprehensive Plan Framework Element Resolution [current draft resolution — click here]

The DC Grassroots Planning Coalition hosts monthly gatherings consisting of people from every Ward citywide.  These gatherings are hosted every second Saturday of each month.

The Coalition has organized around key principles in planning created and driven by the DC communities being directly impacted by the DC real estate boom.

The Coalition has an organizing framework that relies on volunteers to connect with citywide Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, Civic/Citizen groups, community organizations, and neighborhood leaders.

The Coalition asks groups and individuals sympathetic to our cause to actively endorse and advocate our principles seeking to strengthen the DC Comprehensive Plan and to defend our neighborhoods from the obviously serious impacts of luxury over-development.

Please use the links below to access ways to help get the word out and continue to build the Coalition.


Here’s our current draft resolution as it regards amendments to the Framework Element of the DC Comprehensive Plan.  Please share widely.

Introduce the Coalition principles and draft resolution to your local ANC, Civic/Citizen group, community group, and neighborhood leaders to officially endorse and adopt as their own.



  • Civic and Citizen groups by Ward & information packet — click here
  • Federation of Civic Associations website — here
  • Federation of Citizens Associations website — here