Key Losses & More Harm

What did we lose in Comp Plan?

On May 18, the DC City Council voted to amend the DC Comprehensive Plan.

We had some wins but we also had key losses that will perpetuate the status quo displacement projects and racial inequities as highlighted in the Council Office on Racial Equity report.

Take a look at this video to hear about our key loss, the Future Land Use Map (FLUM)!

Now what: How do we remedy these loses and harms?


  • Now that the Council has approved amendments to the DC Comp Plan, what happens next?
  • The National Capital Planning Commission will take up and consider voting on the DC Comprehensive Plan as approved by the City Council. You can write to them today!
  • If approved by the NCPC, the Comp Plan legislation will head to the Mayor Muriel Bowser’s desk for her signature.
  • Then after the Mayor signs the Bill, it will head to US Congress where it needs passive approval since DC is not a state.
  • Once approved by Congress, the Comp Plan becomes a law . . . that is unless our lawsuit is successful.

WHAT DID WE WIN? Click here.