About the Coalition

Save DC's Communities From Displacement & GentrificationThe DC Grassroots Planning Coalition (DCGPC) is a citywide network of individuals and organizations who are committed to furthering racial, economic and environmental justice by challenging rampant development which contributes to gentrification and displacement of existing residents. The Coalition supports community-led development which creates uplift, opportunity and ownership for low income communities of color. 

We further our objectives by:

–  Providing a space for shared learning and support to further confident engagement of residents in planning, zoning and development-related decision making including the city’s Comprehensive Plan amendment process

–  Supporting residents and communities who wish to push back against harmful development by assisting with organizing, participation in the process of the Zoning Commission, and related activities

–  Organizing to hold the Office of Planning, Zoning and other related agencies and decision makers accountable to the needs and desires of residents, and to enforce and implement desired policies


Our Coalition Principles

The work of the coalition — vis-a-vis the city’s planning policies, development actions, and budgeting decisions — is grounded in and flows from the following core principles. Individuals and organizations can endorse these principles, by joining the coalition using the form in the right navigation bar.

–  Racial Justice – District policies and actions must benefit, not harm, residents and communities of color especially the city’s historic majority Black population.

–  Economic / Class Justice – Policies that exacerbate and perpetuate poverty and wealth disparity in the District must be changed. Human needs and human rights must always be prioritized above corporate interests.

–  Stop Displacement – Forced displacement, both commercial and residential, must be prevented. Housing and commercial/retail space that is truly affordable and accessible must be preserved.

–  Environmental Justice – District policies and actions must protect human health and the environment. Low income and communities of color must be protected from the placement of polluting facilities and other land uses that threaten human health, and must share equally in the enjoyment of open/green spaces, clean air, soil and water.

–  Public Resources for Public Needs – Public money, public land, public housing, and public services must not be privatized or used as means of profit for private entities.

–  Equitable Access to Public Services – Low income and communities of color must have full, fair, and affordable access to amenities and services including community facilities and services such as public transportation, quality schools, recreation centers, libraries, emergency responders, senior services, healthy food options, and more.

–  Community Driven – District policies and actions must empower directly-impacted, long-term and low income residents and families, giving greater weight to those DC communities vulnerable to displacement.

The DCGPC is led by a volunteer Steering Committee including representatives of partner organizations and Ward representatives.

Current Steering Committee Members Include:
Justin Goddard (Ward 1), Nick Delledonne (Ward 2 Dupont), Nancy MacWood (ANC 3C), Andrea Rosen (Ward 4), Tischa Cockrell (Lamond-Riggs Ward 4), Renee Bowser (Chair ANC 4D), Lorenz Wheatley (Ward 5), Sherice Muhammad (ANC 7D),  James Shabazz (Vendors Organized for Economic Opportunity), David Poms (Democratic Socialists of DC), Chris Otten (DC 4 Reasonable Development), Parisa Norouzi (Empower DC), Caitlin Cocilova (Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless), Reginald Black (Streetsense)

*Don’t know your ANC? Click here.